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ㆍWhen is the EnerVu system down?

  • Due to scheduled server maintenance every Wednesday beginning at midnight (GMT-8), you cannot connect to the system for one hour.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.

ㆍDoes the EnerVu system charge a service fee?

  • No. The EnerVu system monitors the energy generated by the AC module at no cost.

ㆍWhat are the browser requirements to support the EnerVu system?

  • To use EnerVu, you need:
    Chrome 5 or higher, Firefox 11 or higher, Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or higher, or Safari 5 or higher.
    EnerVu is compatible with Internet-enabled mobile devices running Safari 5 or higher and Chrome 34 or higher.

ㆍHow can I delete my account?

  • If you terminate your LG membership, you will not be able to log on to EnerVu using your ID.
    Even if your LG membership is terminated, personal information including your energy use will remain in the EnerVu web monitoring system.
    In the event this information is to be deleted, we suggest that you discuss with your installer as there may be drawbacks to the customer.
    When you wish to delete all registered information in EnerVu, please send your request to the email address below if you are willing to accept the risks.
    LG bears no responsibility with regard to the delete request.

    ※ In California, for matters related to the California Solar Initiative (CSI) incentives, raw data for systems that are below 10 kW is needed during the initial two year period.
    For systems that are above 10 kW, raw data from the past five years is required. Therefore, please be sure to discuss with your installer.

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